What Should We Call NICU Nursing


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What? What! I love nurseeyeroll! If you’re not following her yet you should be! She takes tons of time to answer questions and she (or he? don’t want to be presumptive!) has not only great insights but a great sense of humor too!


I need this in my life. 


I need this in my life. 

Don’t you just like, I don’t know… hold babies all day long?


I hold a baby when I hand him to his mother for the first time, three weeks after his birth date.

I hold a baby when teaching a new mother how to breastfeed her child.

I hold a baby to feed him, to rock him to sleep, to bathe him and bundle him.

I hold a baby when morphine and walking the halls 24 hours a day are the only things that will quiet him down while he’s withdrawing from the illegal drugs his mother took.

I hold a baby’s arm still when my fellow nurse inserts an IV.

I hold a baby’s head still while we bag oxygenated air back into his tiny lungs.

I hold a baby when he has no family to hold him.

I hold a baby when he takes his last breaths because his parents didn’t make it to the hospital in time.

I hold a baby when I’m placing his lifeless, tiny hands in plaster to make a keepsake for his parents… because there is no baby to hold anymore.


I hold babies all day long. 

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(via whatshouldwecallnicunursing)

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