The Evolution of the New Nurse: Transitioning off orientation and working without a preceptor…

Greeting new nurses like:

The Evolution of the New Nurse…
The Evolution of the New Nurse: Some point during every orientation…
The Evolution of the New Nurse: Showing Up to a Code
The Evolution of the New Nurse:
The Evolution of the New Nurse:

(and it sure as hell can hurt your patient!)

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Anonymous asked:
Hi! I've been scrolling through this blog and I want to thank you for making it. It is very inspiring. I just found out that I'll be having my preceptorship in the NICU this semester and am really excited but can't help but feel nervous. Many of the quotes you've posted here have helped with that nervousness, so again thank you. I was wondering if you have any advice for how to prepare for my preceptorship? I really love this field and would like to do the best I possibly can. Thanks in advance!

Hi there!

Thank you so much for the kind words. That was a great way to start my day. 

First, it’s completely normal to feel nervous. You’re going to be in a new environment with new people and that presents it’s own challenges in addition to wanting to sound like a competent nursing student. 

Here are some links to some previous posts I’ve made that have some resources for you. 

1. This link (click here) has some advice I gave to another student about to start a preceptorship in the NICU. It also includes some some info-graphics, YouTube videos and other helpful information that would be good for your experience. 

2. In this link (click here) I talk to an anon about concerns about a preceptorship not living up to expectations. 

3. And in this link (click here) I talk with a nurse who just started out in the NICU and is having a rough go at it. I think it might be helpful in the sense to remember that we as nurses are far from perfect. And no matter how much experience or knowledge we obtain, we’re all subject to errors and the unknown (that typed out scarier than I meant it to…)

Remember too, that this experience is for you. Take ownership of it. Learn as much as you can, but enjoy it as well. This is a time in your nursing career that will not repeat itself so try to make it a good memory. 

THAT preceptor…