When the Labor and Delivery board is lit up with multiple C-sections, EGAs of <34 weeks, and meconium stained amniotic fluids…

And did I mention the two transports on the way in???

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I just wanted to say - thank you for posting that video. I don't know how you did it, but it was perfect timing. I just wrapped up 3 nights in a row for this week and it has been ridiculously busy and crazy and there were many times I found myself questioning why I even chose to go into this field in the first place. That video reminded me why I did. (not sure if you remember me, but I'm in that nurse residency program! s'been kinda rough, but. just keep swimming, right?)

The universe is such a funny place! I just logged back onto Tumblr because I was going to do a shout-out for you, anon! I was wondering how things were going for you… I’m so glad that you enjoyed the video! It absolutely brings me the utmost thrill to think that I can help or encourage any of my fellow nurses out there. 

I’m glad that you’re sticking with it, too. I remember so vividly what it was like to be a nurse resident and navigating being a new nurse. I do hope you’re finding your rhythm and your place within the unit. If it makes you feel any better I just finished up a crazy 3-in-a-row round myself where there were several times that I just felt like I was a pee-wee football player in the NFL. (we like football in my house so sorry for the analogy!) I was literally dragging my feet walking out of the hospital I was so exhausted. But at the end of the day, (or maybe the next day when my brain had finally rebooted) I know I made a difference in my patients’ lives and that of their families. And you do too! Don’t ever forget that! 


I meant to ask if you had found anyone that you’ve been able to talk to yet within your unit that is helping you adjust to nursing. I hope so!

When you were right (and the doc was wrong)…

On the outside:

On the inside:

When everyone you meet asks:

"So… now that you work with babies all the time it must really make you want to start having your own, right?"


When a visitor thinks they know more than the team…

(who by the way has been working with this baby for six months…)






Thanks so much, everyone! I am blown away by how many people have found this little ‘ol adventure into post-shift decompression entertaining. 

(and thanks to quinnaverycrafts for being #100… sorry there’s no door prize!)

Leaving work after you survive one of “those nights”

Especially when you know you’re not back for a whole week. 

On peds rotation


And my attending is like…

It’s always funny to watch docs/nurses rotate through when you can tell they SO do not want to work with babies.