What Should We Call NICU Nursing


Found my new favorite nursey tumblr, guys…

What? What! I love nurseeyeroll! If you’re not following her yet you should be! She takes tons of time to answer questions and she (or he? don’t want to be presumptive!) has not only great insights but a great sense of humor too!

The Evolution of the New Nurse: Transitioning off orientation and working without a preceptor…

Greeting new nurses like:

Half of my interactions after a successful procedure:

Maternal history:
Alcohol: denies
Smoking: denies
Illegal Drug Use: denies //

Infant History:
Spontaneous vaginal delivery RT abruption
Dysmorphic facial features consistent with FAS
NAS score = 14

Those rare and awesome moments when someone thinks that being a NICU nurse is the best thing ever…
Working with interns/residents who don’t want to listen…
Single Nurse Conundrum… When your friends judge you for flirting with the a-hole doctor on service…
When the outgoing charge nurse has just finished going on for 10 minutes about how awful their shift was and how it’s only going to get worse for you…